Friday, 16 November 2012

The Who, What, Where, Whom, (W)How, Why I

The Who?

Circa 2006 CE

this one philos a sophia when young
abandons sophia
at altar of learning
lex with naïve idealism
with honours enters adulthood
practice (slavery? rat-race?)
disillusioned with mammon, adulterous lex
casts off
cynically idealistic
disseminates lex
alas, again, disillusionment
here now this one am
optimistic pessimist
ideals no, market yes
publishing and editing, looseleaves galore
smoothly sailing navigating through deadlines
alas! all is at an end!
Max has landed!
Max the axe has a black list
‘tis bad luck, I ended in the book for voicing my concerns
dismay as realisation sinks in: future all gone!
alas! sigh!
serendipity strikes, god is in heaven, all is well
uts law to the rescue
here now this one am
disseminating once again that which is useless ……

YHWH kyrie eleison

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