Friday, 16 November 2012

The Who, What, Where, Whom, (W)How, Why V

The Where?

the world is the inn of the ten thousand creatures;
time is a wandering guest of eternity.
this floating life is but a dream — how long does happiness last?
li bai

tabi ni yande / yume wa kareno o / kakemeguru
Fallen ill mid-journey ....
About the burned fields
fly my broken dreams.
-          Basho 1644-1694

Tabi ni yande           On a journey, ailing -
Yume wa kareno    My dreams roam about
Kakemeguru            Over a withered moor. 

    Basho (1644–1694)

“Coming and going I am leaving. I will go and come. Leaving has come to me. We all, shall all, will all be left. Because I am here and where.” — Don DeLillo, The Body Artist

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